Friday, November 18, 2011

Second Fiddle

We left town today for a big dance competition my big kids are in. We Irish Dance it up now and we dance it good. This is a team dance and the kids have been working on it for months.

I am sitting in a hotel room where my family is all asleep. 2 big kids in roll away beds and a little girl sleeping next to my snoring hubby. I can hear the one who grinds their teeth, I know exactly the voice that produced that last sigh.....the symphony of my sleeping family plays on.

We don't have to wake up too early tomorrow and my 3 day headache seems to have faded so I am treating myself to a little late night alone time. I find myself enjoying the familiar sounds filling this little hotel room and then my thoughts wander just a bit...........

Will I wake them up if I watch an episode of Lost on my phone? Cause its kinda getting really good and I have to catch up to a friend who is also re-watching. I mean, really....what if I just leave the volume low with some closed captioning running? Thoughts?


  1. It's more likely you'll wake someone while blogging about them sleeping. You're asking the Irony Gods to rise up, dress themselves, and come looking for you.

  2. Yes! Watch and catch up!!! :)

    **ps, I watched two episodes last night and Jack is now negotiating the release of Kate and Sawyer as Ben lays on the operating table...... ack!