Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Ode to the Power of a New White Tee

An Ode to the Power of a New White Tee

Oh new white tee
Purchased from Target
(As is the way)
I clip your tags off in anticipation
I get giddy as I peel the size sticker off the front of you
(thankful that I remembered before wearing you out.)

What is the power a new white tee has?
That first time it is worn,
before the washing machine dulls it,
before the dryer disfigures it,
before your Green Tea Latte (with soy) stains it,
it is a feeling of style.
The jeans fit better,
the shoes look cuter,
the accessories are accessories-ier.

White Tee from Target, I wore you today.
My make up worked.
The baby belly popped in all the right places.
I didn't even spill on you.

I should wash you, but perhaps I can squeeze in one more wear.
I just have to wait long enough
so no one will notice.


  1. too late! you have to wash it now, 'cause if/when I ever see you wearing the 'new white tee' I'm gonna ask if you've washed it. and I'll know if your lying.

  2. Sigh. They're just never the same again after washing...