Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks for the Non Mattering Matters

I am so thankful for the effect of caffeine when 2 Diet Dr Peppers have been consumed during and after dinner. Because here I am, 2AM (Happy Thanksgiving!) and I am SO not asleep! Hooray!

Also thankful for: Sarcasm.

Thankful for cheese sticks. 'Cause they're yummy.

I am thankful for Auto Save on Blogger. Because when you type on a laptop without a working battery and when you go to stretch you accidentally pull the plug out of your laptop in the middle of the post, the post will still be there waiting for you and you don't have to scream and possibly wake everyone who didn't drink Diet Dr Pepper for dinner.

Thank you Hawaiian Rolls. I told David he didn't need to buy any at Price Club but he forgot and bought some. And then delivered some. So we have 48 Hawaiian Rolls in the house. They went so well with our dinner tonight. And will be yummy tomorrow. And I bet they will still be delicious for our Zabsgiving Celebration on Sunday.

I am thankful for the nodding off your body does when the caffeine is leaving your system.
Good night.

Happy Thanksgiving my Dear Readers!

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