Friday, November 04, 2011

But Only Milk Chocolate....Keep That Dark Stuff to Yourself

You may or may not know how much I adore holiday candy. However, the only Holiday Candy that I really super love is Easter Candy. Mostly because of the Cadbury Goodness Celebration of Jesus's Resurrection (I am VERY sure the two are related.) Christmas Holiday Candy really doesn't do it for me.

I mean, I will always happily enjoy the red and green wrapped Hershey Kisses with a festive smile and all but Christmas really is more about the baked goods and who can bring me the very best home made fudge. (Message me for a mailing address.)

However, there is one Christmas Holiday Candy that I really do need to feel like we have entered the Holiday Season. It's like the Red Cup of the candy aisle......

They are the taste of "Thanksgiving-Christmas-Shopping-Church-Coats too Warm For So Cal-Wrapping Presents-Dragged to your Grandmother's House" to me. And I threw my grandmother in there because SHE is the one who always had them. (I have spoken of her before.)

My sister and I ADORE them and even once when she lived far away from me, I asked someone to purchase some for her so she could usher the season in properly. It's one of those little things that just brings a nice smile to the face.

The Zablets don't love them.
Except for Lucy because she loves everything. E V E R Y T H I N G .

Confession, Part One: When I opted to add only 1 (ONE!) of these yummy treats to my breakfast menu, something happened and I suddenly found myself dying in my kitchen. Seriously dying! Choking! Gasping for breath! For, like, a little longer than I would really prefer.

Confession, Part Two: The above experience did not keep me from having another one at lunch. Or, possibly, FOR lunch.


  1. Love these...I try and NOT buy them, because I will eat them all if left alone too long...sigh.

  2. My dad loves the ones that have the clear liquid insides- and I find I'm always popping one or two in my mouth when I'm really actually hoping he's made his homemade fudge at Christmas time... Yum.

  3. BLECK! I love myself some chocolate. In almost any form really. But these, these I hate.

  4. I buy them for my grandma every Christmas. I don't like them...but that shouldn't surprise you. I have issues with them similar to my Cadbury egg issues.

  5. While I share your enthusiasm for the delicacies offerred by Cadbury, you're on your own with the chocolate covered cherries, blech! Unless they're of the dried cherry variety from Harry & David.