Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Soundbites

I had the chance to sing on a cruise ship today accompanied by a very talented piano player in a lounge filled with only my family......and I chickened out. It made me realize a few things, the most important being: I really need to always have a song ready so I can say to a piano player "Gimmie 'Slow Boat to China' in G and keep it moving."
(Confession: I suspect I will always regret not just taking the chance and DOING it. What did I have to lose? A little pride. What did I have to gain? An AMAZING experience.)

The light at the end of the Photo Editing Tunnel is visible. It is the size of a pin but it's there.

A last minute change in the number of guests for one of our many Thanksgivings plus a VERY sleepy pregnant lady clicking around the window plus the same pregnant lady not realizing her cart already had some random items in it resulted in the following being delivered to my house via and hubby: 1 container Breyers Vanilla ice cream, 1 container Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, 1 container Chocolate ice cream, 1 pumpkin cheesecake, 1 pumpkin pie, and 2 packages of Nutter Butter cookies. I also purposely had 2 different kinds of egg nog delivered for my Mister who loves the stuff. The night we found our cupboards bursting with treats, the kids asked what they could have for dessert. We answered, "Anything you want!"

When I typed out that list of goodies, I unintentionally used 3 different capitalizations on each of the times I typed "ice cream."
ice cream
Ice Cream
ice Cream

The NaBloPoMo Light at the end of the tunnel is also visible. But this light is much more bittersweet.

Today I took what just might be one of my most favoritest pictures of me and my Little-big man today.......

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  1. LOVE the pic, it's pretty great! Funny, I took a pic of me and Caleb the other day too, but it's not as fantastic as yours. ;)