Friday, November 25, 2011

Indiana Scones or Yes, You May Play With Your Food

It has now become part of our Thanksgiving Day tradition to enter "The Pic of the Plate Contest" a friend puts on every year. This year, there were 3 catagories: Most Traditional (the classic plate of food with table decorations,) Most Pathetic (saddest Thanksgiving Plate plus-usually-accompanying story,) and Most Creative (the plate that's the most crea---well, you get it.)

We won the first year we entered: May the Yams Be With You

The second year we entered, it was a sorry effort but better than not showing up at all: Luke, I am Your Tater

This third year, we discussed theme heavily. Do we stick with Star Wars or do we go a different direction? Eventually, we landed on Indy. We collected toys and trucked them off to my Mom's house. We had kind of planned on doing the scene from Raiders when the ark of the covenant was opened because we had Lego Nazi soldiers we could decapitate and when you are messing with food like cranberry sauce, bloody situations are very possible to achieve. Nathan also suggested the scene from Last Crusade when Indy has to choose the cup of Christ and he was told to "...choose wisely." And then, of course, we all threw around the big boulder scene that Indy is so well known for.

We came, we devoured, we digested. It was time to start building but I was finding that I wasn't really "feeling it" this year. You see, about 3 months ago, my very pregnant sister moved to New Mexico. Since moving she has become less pregnant and produced one of the most wonderful babies I have ever laid eyes on. And she was supposed to be in town (along with said wonderful nephew and previously blogged about husband) for Thanksgiving. But things change. And she was not there. She was part of the original build team the first year we entered and then last year, creating by myself was kind of lonely. And this year I was just feeling sorry for my Kristy-less self.

BUT, I couldn't let the sadness win! I stood up from the couch and headed into the kitchen to assess the leftovers. After explaining myself to a few onlookers, I quickly found a very ready step sister willing to jump in and help out! She claimed to not be very creative but said that she was very good at solving problems. My problem? What scene do we choose?

Here's your answer.....

Description Provided: Indiana Jones flees with the idol while attempting to out run a boulder made of Rice Krispy treats covered in cranberry sauce and yams. The cave surrounding him is constructed of baked potatoes, broccoli, spaghetti (yes, spaghetti was on our Thanksgiving plate this year,) and turkey. As he runs on a floor of apple strudel and corn, the walls of mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans and stuffing attempt to swallow him whole.

But we all know how this ends: Indy, for the win with stubble on his chin, whip in his hand and fedora firmly atop his head.

We had so much fun and I found that playing with my food with my step sister was turning out to be as much fun as playing with my sister Kristy! I suddenly found myself thankful for a silly contest and a chance to do something with someone different. When I left my Mom's that night, I hugged my step sister and thanked her. I told her that she "helped me miss Kristy a little less."

Here is a little more footage of the shoot.....

We didn't win this year. We were a little bummed till we saw the was awesome and creepy at the same time and it kind of blew the "Most Creative" category wide open.

We are already plotting for next year.................


  1. I Love this. It's magnificence overwhelms me. My heart hurts just thinking about all of it but I'm so so SO glad it was so much fun.

  2. THIS is all kinds of wonderful! You're family is amazing!

  3. Oh my goodness, this is fantastic!!! And yes, the winner was a little creepy...
    Went back and looked at the previous two years' entries, and those were pretty fabulous, too!