Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Sing It!

Today at Price Club, while carting my haul (2 sets of flannel sheets for kiddos, the best tortillas ever, a Lego Star Wars book for Nate for Christmas from Auntie Shell, tonight's dinner and a TON of toilet paper for the house that was down to 1 roll that was literally being walked up and down the stairs from bathroom to bathroom) to the car, I heard the singing. But where was it coming from?

"So glad we've almost made it,
So sad they had to fade it,
Everybody wants to rule the world."

I look behind me and realize the music and additional member of Tears For Fears was originating from the Tire Center Bay. The Price Club Tire Guys had the 80's Music station on and they were liking it big time.

And, I won't miss the chance to confess that I loaded up my car just a little slower so I could listen to the jam session.


  1. I could barely concentrate on the rest of the blog after stopping to think about THE BEST TORTILLAS EVER. I tried a new brand today, hoping...ick, no such luck.

  2. I've been known to arrive a little slower, too, to polish off a favorite oldie :) And P.S. thanks for the background music as a edit. :)

  3. As the parent of a daughter who blogs, it pleases me that someday you too might be the parent of a daughter who blogs and I hope Ella remembers to blog about The Day of the Paripatetic Roll of Paper.