Friday, November 23, 2007

$100 Dollar Words

When at the doctor's office the other day, I found myself without a book (what is wrong with me? I must be pregnant.) and also warned that the doctor was running late so I should make myself comfortable.

I pulled out my cell phone and texted anyone and everyone I could think of.
I think I sent a text to David telling him to remember to be home early because I had Worship Team Rehearsal that night. Yeah, that was all. And that took about 1 minute.

Then I read all the notices on the cabinet doors. Prescription Refill Policies, a free source for baby clothes and supplies for those in need, and some chart talking about baby development. That was done in maybe 5 minutes.

Onto the magazine rack: No magazines. What the heck? I considered picking up the pamphlet on tracking baby's movement but...well, I read that last time I was in the doc's office.

I looked up and saw the beautiful page of a calendar ripped out and taped on the ceiling as a focal point when it was "exam time." It really did beg the question if most women would like to see a luscious Colorado landscape with a mountain of ash trees and changing leaves, or if they'd rather see a luscious picture of Patrick Dempsey with no shirt on. I pick Number Two please! (2 more minutes down.)

Being the kind of person who reads EVERYTHING, my eyes turned to the medical equipment on the wall. Everything was made by Weylch-Allen and was up to date on it's inspections (whew!) and when I looked at the blood pressure machine, I saw it.

It was only one word. But it would then occupy the next 10 minutes of my wait time.
That's right, 10 minutes.

The consonants, the vowels, all working together to produce a word I could not break down by syllable for the life of me. And I am an expert word-sounder-outer!

I stared, I heard myself saying it out loud.


And it wasn't until I just looked the word up on that I "got it."
Now, how do I work sphygmomanometer into everyday conversation??


  1. I say you store that one in an easy to reach place of your brain and whip it out next time Nathan misbehaves. "If you don't stop that I'm coming over there with my sphygmomanometer!"

  2. I do believe at one of my prego appointments Andy and I had a lengthy discussion about this very same word. We did look like big nerds sounding it out for eachother.

  3. My sweet Amy wouldn't be Amy with out her animals as you woudln't be Bethany with out you $100 words.
    You must of been really bored.

  4. Dude, you have got to work it into a conversation with a Target associate :)

  5. But can your cell phone say it? That is the important thingg. And *thrpt* at you for making us go look it up.

  6. only you ...thats why I love you so...Kristen