Saturday, November 17, 2007

All the Pretty Little Ponies

Lucy and I got to attend Lucy's first all girl, no boys allowed birthday day party for her friend Natasha whose mom reads my blog but never comments. (Hi Summer!)

There were dresses, sweet voices breaking out into song, adorable princess dress up sessions and, of course, a whole lot of "Can we eat cake now?" But that last part was just my daughter. Every 5 minutes.

It was such a lovely lovely time with beautiful girls, mommies and some wonderful grammies thrown in as well.


Lindsay was the most serious about her cake. Even when the presents started, she still was determined to finish. her. cake.

Lucy basked in the girl-ness of it all. Poor thing has spent most of her life trying to dress up Nathan's Star Wars figures.

Sweet Lily.

Reagan enjoyed the cake and we enjoyed her jaunty chapeau.

Natasha shares a giggle with her sister before blowing out the candles.


  1. Okay, now...never is a strong word :)! I do recall commenting at least twice before! I know though, compared to the hundreds I've read it does seem like never...I'm sorry :(!
    I've thought recently about my myspace and blog spying habit...and I think it's just like the fact that, even in person, I like to just sit and listen to people talk...even if I'm not participating...maybe it's lazy of me...or just my tendency to be more introverted...or both! And it's also related to my love of looking at other people's pictures (like your smugmug stuff :) But I figure it's not too weird of me if I tell you I do it...right !?! :)
    Thanks for letting me listen in...maybe someday I'll join in...just not yet :)
    And thanks for coming today, it was fun!

  2. You are completely right. You HAVE commented before, in fact, you did it in honor of my last year's participation of NaBloPoMo.

    I love that you read, honestly you are probably one of my most faithful readers. And I like that you read because this is how I share my life with everyone in town to my mom in law and sis in law who live so very far away!

    Never feel pressure to join in-although it could be fun!-just promise to keep reading!


  3. I miss the days of sweet little all girl parties and dress up... They look so lovely! (Great photos!)

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  5. I love everything about all of this!! Summer is the coolest blogger spy ever. :) Paige loves Katya's girly parties, it so so much fun having a girl isn't it??? :)

  6. i'm glad we stayed. This made my day :)

  7. I have always wanted to do an all girl party. Will you be heart broken if Lex's 5th birthday is an all girl princesses party?

  8. I am so glad i have a girl......Kristen (I can't wait for princess/cupcake parties)