Sunday, November 18, 2007


Lucy: You talkin to me, punk?

Nathan: See this hand? I killed a kid with just my pinky once.

Lucy: I'll mess you up. This bruise on my cheek ain't nothin.

Nathan: Actually, you should believe her. Even I am a little afraid.

Lucy: I roll with a gang, lady. This tat shows it.

Nathan: We are family, and we all watch each other's backs.

Lucy: So hand over the leftover Halloween Candy if you want your pretty little face to stay that way.

Nathan: I be flashin some signs now.

Lucy: You heard me fool, we roll with Lightning McQueen


  1. sleep,you need sleep :) hehehe

    oh they are SOOOO hardcore! :)

  2. dude, those are some pretty cute ganstas :)

  3. Sooooooo are you sure Lexi is going to be safe if Nate spends the night ;^) ?

  4. Oh yeah, Lexi will be safe...she's Nate girl, yo!

  5. ok your son seriously looks like a gang member flashing signs!.....Kristen