Thursday, November 29, 2007

Life of Toys

An hour of playtime in my house as documented by the MySpace comments left on my friend Missy Shell's page...

Why did I teach him how to talk?
As I lie here, trying to rest and his sister plays quietly-oh so quietly-in the background, all I hear is this:

"Mommy, does Darth Vader get mail? I am building a train for him so he can get mail. We should watch that movie about Darth Vader when he gets mail. It is coming to a theater in the spring. My friend from school saw it and said it is a really real movie. It really is. And Mommy, my friend also has a movie about Luke and Leia when they were babies and fighting Darth Vader--"

"Well, Nathan, when they were babies, Darth Vader wasn't Darth Vader yet."

"Oh. Well we need to get that movie anyway. And Mommy, what is this that Princess Leia is holding in her hand? And does Darth Vader want to kill R2D2? Can R2D2 drive like this? What about like this? I think he can drive like this and I want to see the movie about when R2D2 was a baby.........."

Oh no! Now Percy and Annie and Clarabel have gone over to The Dark Side! James and Luke Skywalker are now battling them for thier souls!

I don't think my brain can handle the clashing of product lines. If I look up and see Friendship Bear battling a droid, I just might explode.

Ohhhh, poor Darth Vader and Emporer Palpatine, now they are in charge of feeding Lucy's Baby Kake and tucking her in for bed. Who knew the Dark Sith Lords would make such excellent babysitters?! (Nathan is upstairs and Lucy has raided the Star Wars toys)


  1. I love this!! You are so funny! Your kids are hysterical. I always find it ever so interesting when toys "cross over" I never knew Barbie was such a a bad @$$ until Tanner and Spiderman took her to fight off Jesse and James. Ahhh good times..

    and I too want to see the movie when Darth Vader gets mail.. sure to be a box office smash!!

  2. perhaps one of them could help me parent my daughter?? an evil emperor may come in handy.

  3. Yeah, that boy is a talker! His wife will appreciate that!

  4. I didn't have time to comment the first time I read this blog. Now I read it again, and it's even funnier. Spencer will often have Rex from Toy Story with an Incredible, a race car, and various zoo animals all on an adventure together. They talk, they interact, they save the world,

    It's pretty cool.

    I am sorry that your time of rest was not happening. I want to know about that kid at school, the one spreading rumors about Darth...:)

  5. Nate has the wildest imagination. He may be our next George Lucas!