Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The One Where The Office Furniture Doesn't Read My Mind

The office chair that sits at our upstairs computer was uncomfortable. I reached underneath the chair and pulled levers. I found the one that adjusted the tilt of the seat and back a of the chair nd set it the way I thought I'd like.

I was leaning so far back that I could barely reach the keyboard.

I reached under the chair again and grabbed the wrong lever and lowered the chair so low that I could type this blog out with my chin should I decide to try.

(Hmmmm....edujp;ikghsdejmlhgfvdc...that didn't go so well.)

So now my chair is tilted funny, leaning dangerously backward and extremely low to the ground.

I give up.


  1. this is why I generally sit on the ground.. chairs are out to rule the world.

  2. I sit in my dinning room. I really don't what else to say because I am so tired and need to go to bed.

    How about typing with your elbo's? mm,mj.;/,k mm....Naaa, never mind.

  3. I'm in a chair, but that doe/xlsat stop henry9893q from tryiepaeng to hell.lsp me type. thanks, H.

  4. I gave up on office chairs so very long ago. They are far more stubborn than my 8 year old, and my patience couldn't take that.
    No way...
    I have found that the dining room chair I use in my office is multi functional. Not only does it A) look super chic, and B) not need adjusting but C) my butt on it, for prolonged periods of time is painful... :)

  5. Sometimes, I am am too lazy and just sit on the floor on my knees. Almost always, no always a bad idea.

  6. if i had a laptop I would sit on the ground or the couch - chairs are uncomfortable....Kristen