Wednesday, November 28, 2007

As Promised...

You know, I almost sketched a version of the picture of the kids with Mickey and Minnie to scan in and show you so I didn't ruin the surprise of the actual picture when it's sent in Christmas cards later next month.

But I am not that cruel.
Instead, I had Nathan draw one!

Ha. Just kidding.
Here you go...

click the picture for the full size version

Help me out with this...
I am not really one to send out a picture of my kids with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Usually we send out a posed picture or something super artsy fartsy displaying our mad skillz (that's right, with a "z") as photographers. that is NOT passing judgement on anyone who seeks out a Disneyland photo each year either. The thing I LOVE about Christmas cards is how they can reflect the unique personalities of my friends and family.

But, this year, we just didn't get it together. We hired a REALLY talented photographer to take our picture and then we stood her up. (But she still talks to me-amazing, isn't it?) So we have no picture of all 5 of us together. This has all 3 kids and it is cute and Christmas-y and everyone looks happy and their hair is mostly combed. Do I use it for Christmas cards and save artsy-fartsy for next year? It isn't too goofy is it? Especially since it left me with such a wonderful and happy memory?

Be honest readers. Because I can always design a collage-like picture instead.


  1. Because you don't do the annually updated mickey photo, I think it's a great idea... (and thanks for including it since we don't exchange Christmas cards! I am a sucker for great character photos) It is unique and origional for you. It's real. I am a fan and, if it were me, I would regret not sending it later.

  2. I would send it, especially if it is not the "norm". Sometimes the abnormal is more special...if that makes any sense. I'm sure Grandmas and Family's sould LOVE to see something so special...and something memorable that shows the kiddos as they are and having a great time. Disneyland is the place where dreams come true isn't it?
    Or you could blame it on a pregnant mind. (which would make sense)

  3. I think it's perfect. It's so THEM! I adore it, mostly I adore those three lovely wonderful fun personalities!

  4. Yes, use it...I think we are doing a Disney picture too (if any of them came out cute enough...I haven't looked at them yet!)...
    There are years for professional and artsy and years for simple and fun!...
    This year is simple...
    Next year you'll have a sweet little baby girl to add into the artsy one :) Lucky you!

  5. Depends. Do you like it? Then use it. It's a good picture! It is a good representation of your life right now - the three kids and Disneyland, that says "Zabs 2007". :-)

  6. THis cracks me up, but I havce to tell you, that all the heads are at different levels which makes for a very nice visual pose. Want to guess whihc book is on my nightstand? Family Portraiture...