Monday, November 05, 2007

Demonstrating My Feats of Extraordaniaribility

...which goes beyond simply making up words that are almost 100% unreadable.

While preparing lunch for Nate the Great this morning before we left for school, I made one quick swoop of the Pampered Chef Spreader (cue music from heaven-that thing is so amazing...I actually find myself sad when both of mine are dirty and I have to use a regular knife for peanut butter), anyway, one swoop and look what I created!

It is a peanut butter bird relief in my kid's sandwich!
I have actually paused my day to capture it in a low quality camera phone image just for you, my readers.
Who else could create something so amazing?!

I'll tell you:
No one.


  1. Show the tool I am wondering if it is like the one I just bought from Cutco

  2. you should have put it on ebay and made millions. It could be the "dove of peace"!

  3. I own two of those but, now I want to buy more! So who is throwing the next Pampered Chef party?

  4. I love Emmy!! ....Kristen