Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Fun Day!

Fridays in the Zab house are Fun Days. We get our nephew Nicholas on Friday mornings. He and Lucy get some time to play without being bossed around by a certain 4 year old and then once we pick that certain 4 year old up from school, the non controlled chaos begins.

Adding a 3 year old to our mix increases the decibel levels of our home exponentially. It is deafening. I remember one time, when Nick used to live with us full time, I was on the phone with the doctor's office when the kids were running around with capes saving the world. The receptionist, after hearing me apologize for the noise level, asked if I ran a day care. I told her it was just my 3 kids. She was stunned into silence and simply said, "Wow."

Now, the noise is fun. Partially because it is purely the joy of 3 kids who love each other and partially because...well, I know it will end on Sunday when Nick goes home. Ha!

So now on Fridays, we try to think of something fun to do in the evening. Sometimes it is a movie night but most of the time it is a project of some kind. One of our more recent ones-and stand by easy favorites were decorating cookies.

I buy the cookie dough pre-made. I can't make cookies. I make cakes. I make sweet breads. I leave cookies to the experts like Sooz and Michelle. Add in small bowls of sprinkles and you have kids who are so happy to decorate cookies that they will, get this, SIT STILL and -there's more-NOT YELL and even-hold on to your hats-NOT RUN AROUND for possibly even a whole hour!

Tips for Mama's wanting to use this idea for their own Friday fun? Bathe kids AFTER the fun. Not before like I did. Also, buy a whole seperate package of cookies to make for you, hubby and any other adults that might like some cookies. Because after watching a 2, 3 and 4 year old push their sticky, licked, icky fingers inside those raw cookies, you will NOT be joining in the fun of eating them. (Ugh.)

Themed sprinkles are always a must.

Lucy liked the cookie dough. (I know, I know... raw eggs blah blah blah.)

Nathan wanted to use candy corn on his cookies. Know what things made of pure sugar do when put under great heat? Yeah, it crystalizes. All over the cookie, all over my pan and all over my oven.

Nick was happy to pretend to eat his cookie!

The almost finished product.
Are you jealous of the seasoning in my Pampered Chef cookie sheet? You know you are.


  1. Awww what fun!!!! They are such an awesome bunch!!

  2. Looks like fun! I need to bake or cook something soon but with morning sickness being an every day, all day thing, I haven't been in the mood :)

  3. I made 2 batches this year. Lots of work, but it's a fun art project. Your kids are going to remember how much fun they had growing up!

  4. I made 2 batches this year! Lots of work, but a fun art project! Your kids are going to remember how much fun they had growing up. And I've eaten cookie dough my whole life and I'm still here. :-)

  5. Yummy cookies.

    I love it that you call Nick your third kid. You are such a wonderful auntie to him. He is so blessed to have people like you who love him. God bless you.

  6. your friday fun days sound fantastic. We do family night where we play games, the wii or watch movies. Typically we order pizza, make pizzas or get chinese take out... but I love your idea of a project...

  7. Obviously I will have to make some cookies for you so you know how good my cookies are : )...Kristen