Friday, November 16, 2007

Fun Day Friday!

The weekend before Halloween, I swiped an idea from a friend of a friend who's blog I read. Her son had painted his small pie-sized pumpkin and I loved the idea for my little monsters.

I had a ton of acrylic paint leftover from painting Nathan's nursery and hoped the paint hasn't turned into solid blocks in the last 4 years of non-use.

David was quite skeptical at the idea of our young children using acrylic paint INSIDE but I was confident my idea would work.

We filled 3 muffin tins with all kinds of colors of paint and then left two with water, gave each kid 1 brush and we were off!

We enjoyed watching each child's painting technique. Nathan went with faces, letters and names and then one he ran out of room, he just painted over what he'd already painted. Lucy took her time and made short marks but strategically placed and colorful. Nick would pick 1 color, say yellow for example, and paint his whole pumpkin with that 1 color. Then he would pick 1 more color and paint right over the first color. that went on and on till he was left with 1 big grey pumpkin. Somewhere in the painting process, he'd just paint with his very grey water. To each his own, right?

Here are a couple of pictures but it was hard to pick my favorites so you can see the full set here.

The concentration in the room was high.

The methodical artwork of The Goose.

My Pumpkin Painting Hitler Look Alike.
When he saw the paint on his lip, it took a long time for him to stop laughing.

Should you be at a party where I bring the cupcakes, worry not. These pans received a VERY thorough washing after all the painting was completed.


  1. thats one of our favorite fall activities too! Loved it!

  2. We love painting pumpkins at my house too. Love the "lil' Hiltler" picture (hee-hee).

  3. I'm kind of torn on painting... I know it's FUN for the kids, but man, they sure make a mess out of it. So much so, it led me to switch from teaching Kindergarten to second grade. You know, second graders can control their urge to paint their faces :)

  4. Hey Nathan, Lucy, and Nicholas!

    I always wanted a painted pumpkin! If I had known your were all painting pumpkins this year, I would have order some. Maybe next year! You all did a good job! I'm glad you had so much fun! And David, see - they didn't make such a mess! Love you all!


    Grandma Carol

  5. we don't even own paint for the kids too much mess!....Kristen (I am such a terrible mother)