Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day Is Done...

...and now I am officially reusing blog titles.
Tonight I don't care. (I bet I will care tomorrow when I re-read this so maybe only a few of you will know my dirty little reusing secret.)

This holiday weekend held:
4 Thanksgiving celebrations
1 cooked by me (although everything was instant this year-gimmie a break, I am pregnant)
3 Toddlers running our household
1 Church service
6 Photo Shoots

It was all wonderful.
I am done.
(Maybe THAT should be the title of my blog!)

Now....on to Christmas!!


  1. I wonder if I can add your blog post to my works cited page. I hate research. Enjoy some much needed rest my friend.

  2. Oh my. 4 Thanksgivings? You must be very thankful. And full. :-) Hope your Christmas is more mellow so you can soak it up and enjoy!

  3. uggghhh on to Christmas?? Can we go back to Halloween?? I need a runing start. :)

  4. for us, Christmas is a LOT less work than Thanksgiving but I am hearing this isn't the same for everyone...
    Perhaps you could make it tradition during overwhelming holidays to use the same title. :) It gives you a break and gives us little nod. :)

    4 Thanksgivings? THAT tops the record I've held...

  5. And you wonder why you are so tired....!!!....Kristen