Sunday, November 04, 2007

Week of Joy

This week's Week of Joy (making a comeback after many months of missing) is quite simple:

10. The
9. House
8. of
7. Blues
6. San
5. Diego
4. 10AM
3. Gospel
2. Brunch
1. Today.

We skipped church this morning to go to the Gospel Brunch with family from out of town in place of a memorial service for my Grandmother who passed away 2 weeks ago. Grandma wasn't one for funerals or anything like that but it always feels more fitting to have some sort of "service" or "remembrance."

It was so amazing! They were having some CHURCH up in that place! I clapped and laughed and wished I knew the words to every song so I could sing along.

Our family was sitting at two tables and my mom, Tim, my aunt, cousin and my aunt's sister were at a table with the family of the band/singers. When they found out why we were there and that I was a singer (who could have told them that-MOM!?) they said I could go up and participate in the sing-along and sing in honor of my grandmother. Demonstrating excellent judgement, mom thanked them but said that I would kill her if she voluntereed me for that. She was absolutely right.

The Gospel Brunch fed me in a way I didn't know I was hungry. Not only in a musical sense-demonstrating quality musicianship and vocal skillz (that's right) but also I was fed spiritually. The ladies on that stage were not just singers who happen to sing gospel music. They were singing about Their God. About Their Jesus. They were sharing with that entire room about the God Who Saves. I was able to sit there and soak up the music about my Savior. I didn't have to sing or lead. I didnt have to make sure monitors were working or fetch water for someone who was about to preach. I was ministered TO instead of ministering. And while I missed my beloved (although very white in their worship music) church and everything God has given me to do there each week, it is good to take a week off on occasion and allow others to lead for a change.

And when they lead with a strong base, heavy down beat, tight harmonies and ad libs about how "Ain't Nobody Gonna Do Me Like Jesus," then there is all kinds of right going on there.


  1. I totally get what you're saying. I'm glad that you got to have such an awesome experience today.

    However, I think that maybe, just maybe, in order to truly understand, "Ain't nobody gonna do me like Jesus," you had to be there?

  2. Amen to your exitment about praising our Savior! I can't wait to go with you next time!

  3. I think that your Grandma, and of course God, knew exactly what you needed today! It sounds like it was an incredible experience. I think we all need times/moments like the one you had today.

  4. I sure do like lists :) Especially ones that mock lists. ha. Glad you had an eggcellent time this morning :)

  5. You are right, if we were ever there on a Sunday, that's where we should go ...amen, amen, AMEN!

  6. That place is awesome! I am glad you had a great time with your family. That is a wonderful thing to do in remember your grandmother.

  7. Yeah, when I get to Heaven I'm hoping I'll be able to "sang" like that. Talk about fixin' to have CHURCH! Can you imagine what THAT will be like!

  8. I can not even fathom how amazing that would be!!!

  9. How fun. I'm glad you were blessed through your time yesterday and while being blessed you also had a chance to shake your tail feather

  10. Loved the blog about your celebration for your grandma. What a blessed and fitting way to remember her.

    Love ya

  11. What a wonderful experience in memory of your grandma~

  12. So very awesome! I am glad you had such an amazing experience. Sounds fabulous.

  13. you totally should of gone up there - they would of loved you!! And what a great way to remember someone---- no funeral for me, just balloons and BZ singing with the gospel singers!!! .....Kristen