Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I was in bed, all snuggled down. Found the perfect position for my ever growing belly to lie in. Letterman was on and Sleep Timer-ed. My water was in place. David was snoring peacefully beside me. All was right with the world.

But wait.

I hadn't blogged yet!

I ran over to the computer and turned it on with only minutes to spare. I made it in time. Phew. I don't want to miss out on another fantastic prize like I got last year for posting every day.

At one point, for your reading pleasure, I had most of a "Ten on Tuesday" post planned but all of that has left my head. In the course of the day today I had great disappointment with my children's behavior, received icky news from a friend about someone who had been terribly dishonest with both of us and I did NOT get to vacuum my downstairs like I'd hoped.

However, my whole day was not sadness. I did have a fun at Act One tonight-the ladies I am directing for the upcoming Christmas Dessert at our church are such a hoot. One of them pronounces "cookies" in the very cutest way ever possible. I got to drive all by myself for a total of 30 minutes. Ahhh.

And finally...the highlight of my day: My cell phone will read my text messages out loud. Did you hear me? It READS THEM. Out loud! It will read words like butt munch, fart knocker and even some of the 4 letter ones! It also takes "xxoo" and reads it out loud as "kisses and hugs" and if you send a text message to Nathan, it will pull him away from even the worst behavior possible and make him smile with candid delight. I have to give all props for this AMAZING discovery to Kristen who discovered it by accidentally pressing the space bar and realized someone was talking to her. She rocks. I am announcing it in a public forum.

We now interrupt this really boring blog for the following announcement:

Viggo, darling. I know the weird goatee is for a movie. I know that the red-almost maroon suit you are currently wearing on David Letterman is possibly to go for the whole "Sick Doc Holliday" look for the upcoming western. But you aren't even playing Doc Holliday and can't you maybe use fake hair for this look so that when you appear as VIGGO, I will get to see your sweet, gritty, is he or isn't he unshowered face. I don't want to see this anymore:

P.S. Viggo, please gain some weight. You look too skinny. I think I will have to go watch "The Game" again to get this picture of you out of my head. Jor, normally I would put him on our list but today he gets the boot.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog.

To sum up the day...
Tomorrow is a new one. One that involves school so I will have a few hours of no fighting children. Ahhh. I can handle that.

Don't trust everyone-especially people you don't know that well. But trust your friends.

Vacuuming can happen tomorrow.

Texting was just somehow made even more fun by Kristen's discovery. Who has the weirdest word I can send to her?


  1. Totally and unbelievably jealous about your phone!

    Oh, and also, because you SO need to know, I totally adore my pampered chef spreader. To the point where if the option is making a peanut butter sandwich (and I just had to go look up how to spell sandwich on dictionary.com because I always get it wrong and I didn't want to embarrass myself in your awesome presence) ... back to the spreader... without it I'll make ham and cheese instead. I will not make any attempt to spread peanut butter with anything else. One must wonder however which this stems more from - my love of my pampered chef spreader or my hatred of the gooey peanut substance... The world may never know.

    Do you have pampered chef bamboo spoons too? They are one of my FAVORITE things in my kitchen. I have no idea how I survived without them.

  2. dishonesty sucks... I am so sorry you had to experience that!

    Eww... Viggod really didn't looks good at all. yuck... the photo was relatively resemblant of a Goat. Did he look like a goat on Letterman?

    congrats on posting your blog on time. Way to persevere... What's all of this talk about prizes? What prizes?

  3. You made it! I almost didn't make it Saturday night. Yea! Cool texter. So did you get a new phone? What kind?

  4. Pooey for dishonesty.. YAY for Act One :) :)

    Now I have even MORE phone envy... *sigh* However I shall be coming up with random strange long words to text you, just to see if it will say it. :)

  5. I cannot believe you got out of bed for this (that is italicized, but I dont know how to do it here).

    Silly you :)

    Go naploblowhateverit's called :)

  6. That is definately the discovery of the year! Some credit has to be given to Jor - she is the one that sent me the text that I discovered could be heard out loud.........Kristen

  7. How about NaBloPoMo.
    This blog cracked me up. I am continually thinking of what to blog about since we have to do this so often.
    Thanks for the Viggo update. I totally agree, bring on Aragon.

    Love ya pal

  8. I'm so sorry about your dishonesty discovery. I really am who I say I am. I wasn't just wearing a really great mask and imbeded voicechanger (think Mission Impossible) when we met up in LA. =^)

    Weird word: extraordinariability.

  9. Melodie: I ADORE the PC bamboo spoons! I have 2 of those and love love them.

    Misty: You didn't know there are prizes? People have donated stuff and at the end, they will award them raffle-style to people who have posted every day! I won some weird playing cards last year. But I still won!

    Sooz: I have the EnV...the orange one. If you still have your old EnV, yours will do it too!

  10. A TALKING PHONE! I want a talking phone! Ah- MAN, I have to wait till JANUARY to get my talking phone. Meanwhile I am STILL waiting for my UPS GUY! At this point I will be happy with ANY phone.