Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Beach. The Good One. (Not the Bad One With Leo DiCaprio.)

I had a big photo shoot today down in La Jolla for a local playgroup. It was 15 families all lined up one after the other (with a 1 hour break for lunch.) You could call it “Blitz Photography.” It was fun. All the families were nice and all the kids were very cute. (Really, they were!)

In my few moments of down time, I observed a few things…

1. There was a seagull nearby the cave we were using who was walking funny and squawking a lot. She and I did have a stare-down at one point (I won) but most of the time, she was just walking around…almost looking lost or confused. I finally realized after watching her that she was trying to tell me (and the 20 other people around) that we were on HER beach and needed to clear out immediately.

Either that or she has rabies and was going completely crazy.

2. The birds aren’t the only weird things down at the beach. The people are too. Just trust me.

3. The distance between my big toe and my other toes seems larger than normal. Almost as if there should BE a toe in that space. When discussing it with David later, he wondered if I should have a sixth toe in there after all. But then we decided that not only would it look freaky, but the kids would make me scare their friends with my extra toe. Also, it might make wearing flip flops difficult.

All in all, the shoot went well and my odd thoughts kept themselves hidden away before I could scare any families with them. I look forward to going through my 700+ pictures (seriously, what is wrong with me?!) and picking the few favorites for my families.

But first, a nap.
Happy Saturday.


  1. That is so fabulous!!!! I bet they will be amazing. Can't wait to see the fruits of your labor... Oh and if I listed y weird random thoughts... you all may never speak to me again... :) :) I did get a good chuckle today when I took Paige to soccer... it was on Hurlbutt street... that made me laugh :)

  2. i LOVE the Beach and seem to NEVER get to go! (insert pity party here)
    I did, however jealous I may be, manage to get a good morning laugh from your post... very random observations indeed!

  3. So I'm wondering...was it cold? What's it like at the beach this time of year? :-)

  4. A sixth toe? Seriously, I need to recommend some reading material to you during your 'down' time.

  5. Sooz: Yesterday was hot and I got a sunburn. Today, however, we had another photo session and were down there at 2pm. It was COLD! And overcast! (Not necessarily what we wanted for pictures but oh well.)

    Susie: What's "down time?" Ha!

  6. I knew a baby with a sixth toe on each foot! But, her parents where a dud and had the sixth toe tied off with a rubber band, killing the 6th toe and falling off! I don't think they ever found the two extra toes after they fell of thier baby.


  7. Wish I were one of the families.

  8. To answer Sooz' question yes it was very cold at the beach (at least on Sunday it was when we were getting our pix done)...Kristen