Monday, November 12, 2007

What Inspires Me to Levels of Great Inappropriateness

The question was posed to me today:

If you had one whole day to yourself, what would you do?

Oh. My. Gosh.
Well, after I stopped crying out of thankfulness and gratitude for whoever SOMEHOW made THAT possible...I would do the following.

I would take myself to breakfast at Mimi's (best muffins ever) where I would read the whole paper front to back, including the classifieds. Then I'd go to a book store and look at every book on the shelf to find the perfect one to read while I got my pedicure. I'd have to put the book down for my facial and massage that was to follow.

I'd lunch around 2 or 3pm, possibly with a girlfriend or two. After that, I might go to the mall and pick up a few impractical things from the MAC counter. Like some green shadow and purple mascara. And I some shoes might catch my eye while walking to the counter through Nordys. And some yummy soaps from William Sonoma. And Crate and Barrel. And since I was walking by C&B, I'd HAVE to stop in Naarjtie to see if they had any cute clothes for my kids which would make me wonder if any of the bedding we have is on sale at Pottery Barn Kids which is right across the way from Papyrus where I would definitely get a new pen. And then I'd go to Coach and drool at purses.

I am going to leave an hour or two open to choose what I want to do just spur of the moment, possibly Balboa Park or finish my book at the beach during sunset. I would then meet up with my sweetie for a late dinner at a nice place in the gaslamp. There would be good food and wine and laughter. We'd go to a movie afterward and then head home to relieve whatever crazy person had been watching my children all day long.

And I would hug that person. And kiss them.
I have a feeling it would cross a line and quickly become completely inappropriate.

what would YOU do with a whole day to yourself?


  1. Ha,ha,ha. You know what is funny, that after I read this this morning I thought to myself "I hope she makes this her blog today". Ha. And you did! We just have that kind of friendship, you know? The kind that you sense my thoughts.

    I hope you get this day one day.

  2. that would be MY puppies. Not by puppies.

  3. What a great answer, and although I pride myself on not being such a fan of the mall, you have made me question my stance on this.
    perhaps, with an entire day child free, (and money) I may feel a little different.

    Funny, your post made me remember that I dreamed that I got a Kate Spade bag for $20... hmmm....

  4. Ooooo... shopping. All day. But it would have to be the kind of shopping where the things I try on actually fit and look good. Not one of those frustrating days where nothing works. =^)

  5. this sounds like a great day. Green eye shadow DOES look amazing on you.

  6. If it involved a pedicure a hot drink from the 'bucks, I"m usually in delight :) We love Gaslamp- it's so chic, dontcha think? Fun entry, Miss Thany!

  7. Wow you described my perfect day!.....Kristen