Thursday, November 25, 2010

Because a Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart

It only seems fitting, right?

I could probably copy almost anyone's list and many of our things would appear to be the same...but I write this anyway. Because some days I am not feeling so thankful or not feeling very blessed or just feeling low and I need to be reminded that I have been blessed over and over again.

Family....I have the best. Parents who raised me with love and Jesus. A sister who has walked through the fire with me and won't ever let go of my hand. All of the people who are family through marriage.......adding them only completed the tribe and I am thankful for what each of them bring to my life.

My husband ever. And you readers know it's true. 13+ years together and there will be a whole lot more. My Zablets are beautiful. They are so very funny and full of life and love. They drive me bonkers sometimes (and I think on purpose) but the crazy really is inevitable so might as well have fun with some short people while it's happening!

Friends....I have people in my life who have stepped up beyond what anyone could ever ask of someone else. And they STEPPED! They have made me laugh, they have watched my kids, they have fed my husband, they have cleaned my house, they have gone jean shopping with me. Seriously, jean shopping!

This year has had some incredible ups and the lowest lows I have ever experienced but my God has walked me through each step. He has been faithful. He loves me no matter what. He sent His Son to die on a cross for my sins. All the things I have done wrong and all the things I will do wrong just so I can be with Him forever! (And that's not something that's just for me! You too! Let's talk sometime.) I am thankful that along with that love came a church family and forever brothers and sisters.

I find myself thankful tonight for the things I get to do to express myself. I get to photograph beautiful families, sing weekly with some crazy talented people, work with some totally fun actors and even hop on stage every once in awhile. I have this place to write and sometimes even write things that have substance or just make people laugh.

Thanks, readers, for sticking it out through the times of plenty (NaBloPoMo) and and the lean (any other month that isn't November) and encouraging me to keep writing. We will have some fun together, you and me.


  1. And I am thankful for YOU! I love my Bethany friend. :)

  2. Thankful for you and the rest of the tribe, today and always! Thanks for the beautiful words you wrote, helped to lift my spirit. <3