Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Proper Echo Punctuation

I know, I put a mustache picture up for my header. I'm kind of obsessed with the 'stache and since that adorable 2 year old in the picture carries my homemade mustache around all day, it is just hard to get out of my mind.

Let's use this time to talk about things that are hard to get out of our minds, shall we?

*cue big voiced announcer*
(Should I have put quotes around the echo? Is an echo still considered a quote? Could this train of thought possibly totally derail the direction in which this blog was heading? No! Because this is all about things that are hard to get out of our minds so it's still there! In my mind! And we are moving on now.....)

That awesome segue provides me with the opportunity to blog my annual "Hey Old Lady at My Polling Place, You Have Too Much Cleavage Showing" comment. This is terribly exciting because it is the sort of thing that I usually publish on Facebook but today I am posting it HERE! Okay, here goes....

Hey Lady at my polling place, you have too much cleavage showing.
And when I say that I mean, too much for an old lady and too much for a young lady. And as much as I would like to go into the actual logistics why it would be inappropriate amount of cleavage even for a young lady, this is a family blog and I will instead simply suggest trying a new kind of bra. Although props this year for dressing up the droopy girls in a little bit of red, white and blue.

Voter B Who Will Always Vote and Will Probably Be Subjected to Your Cleavage For at Least a Few More Years Since You Look to Be in Excellent Health and Are Probably Not Moving Anytime Soon.

PS: Thank you for your service at my polling place.

Many people might find a blog of this kind distasteful. To them I ask one question: What is more American than showing off too much of The Girls? Well, I will tell you:

BLOGGING about how some lady is doing exactly that.
Ahhhhh. I love America.


  1. Ok.. fine, less cleavage next time! :)

  2. How about Topless Voting? That might get more people out to vote.

  3. I was just excited to see people at our polling place this time. Last time was such a disappointment. Happy Voting, sounds like your place is much more exciting.

  4. Oh my Gosh Michelle! You are on to something...get the men out to vote....SCARY, it would probably work, but only if you serve beer afterward, and depending on tonight's votes, a joint as well.
    Hard to believe I am writing this on a family blog...I am JUST KIDDING. But I do seriously know what you mean B...goodness, I just don't want to see that much of someone.

    * The opinion expressed in this comment is for humor only and does reflect on the core family values that both this commenter and the writer of this blog actual share. No cleavage was hurt in the making of this blog.
    I am Crayl G, and I approve this message and apparently I need sleep. :)

  5. PS. Love the stache, and the wee one sporting it.

  6. It should be a law that every where on the internet have a "like" button.

  7. I can totally picture the lady right now! I wish I had a picture of her. I'd do another "theme dressing" blog post. =^) (We have some fake mustaches from Target from a while back. Taylor wore one for an 80's night at his youth retreat last weekend... with a sleeveless black tee, a red terry cloth headband and my aviators. He looked like a creepy 80's guy. It was awesome.)

  8. first of all, when I kept reading 'get out of our minds' over and over....I couldn't helping thinking about this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLtSfYX8tJk then I started thinking about old lady cleavage, and now all I want to think about is the link I just posted. I'll gladly choose the video and song stuck in my head over old lady cleavage any day!