Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Better Than a Souvenir

With about half the day under our belts, we'd just come out of Fantasyland where the big kids and I tackled a number of rides and David took Ella on the carousel 4 times. Ella and I found ourselves sitting in the shade waiting for the rest of the family to finish the "Restroom Ride." (Very popular! We visited it the most times!) So, we had a little chat..........

Me: Do you like it here?

Ella: Yes. But..... (tilts head to the right) what’s his name.......?

Me: Darth Vader? (She'd been talking about him non stop after we watched him at the Jedi Training Academy)

Ella: Yes. He was very very scary.

Me: Well, what at Disneyland made you happy?

Ella: Ummm.......Daddy.


  1. wow, almost cried for a second there. stopped myself. I'm ok now. :) but really, that is a memory that is up there in the priceless category, so awesome!

  2. Wow. My heart just melted. *deep breath* Brit had to answer a few bio questions the other day and said her favorite memory is being with her family at Disneyland. I thought, "Yes. Mine, too."