Friday, November 26, 2010

Luke, I am Your Tater.

Last year was our first entry in a friend's Pic of the Plate Contest. It is, simply, a contest picking the best looking Thanksgiving Day Plate.

Last year we entered with this....

(You can see the whole story here: May the Yams Be With You.)

When I first posted the picture, we had not heard our result but we found out later that we WON! First place!

We looked forward to stepping up our game this year but after a long couple of days and eating out for Thanksgiving, we didn't think we had much of a chance to submit anything original. Additionally, last year's build team was scattered as near as Santee and as far as New Mexico. We had till 10pm to enter and we were half passed out on the couch with happily fed children fast asleep upstairs.

Around 9:40 I decided we owed it to ourselves to at least ENTER. I happened to have a small box of leftovers. After staring at the box for about 3 minutes, I came up with this....

I titled it, "Luke trains to become a Jedi Master on a bed of C-Level leftovers.....DAGOBAH!"

We didn't win, and I would have been unhappy if we did. We needed an original idea and there were some really creative entries this year. And one of the winners took a picture of her table that was completely stunning.

But I can sleep better knowing I represented.
And I think I will begin working on next year's theme....but what's better than Star Wars? hardly anything, really.

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