Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kids Snack Food and a Random Kids' Movie Quote

We have a new favorite snack in our's a Goldfish Cracker Trail Mix that I created all on my own. (I may not be able to cook well, but I can blend dry goods in a bag like a Master!)

Because I know you want the recipe, and because I really need something to blog about, here it is.
With pictures!
And, if you hang on till the end, you get a view of a sweet plane. Who loves her readers?!

Step One....Gather the Goldfish.

Step Two...Gratuitously display the Secret ingredient that makes this Goldfish Mix Magical

Step Three...Add Regular Cheddar Goldfish

Step Four...Add "Saltine" Goldfish (I often buy an extra bag to eat all on their own or in soup....yum!)

Step Five....Add Whole Grain Cheddar Goldfish

Step Seven...Admire the beautiful layers of Goldfish Goodness, Seal Bag and Shake!
Deliciousness is sure to follow.

"Hey Mom, get a shot of my plane flying above the bag and then you can say to your readers, 'Oh! A plane is flying over the bag of Goldfish!' That will be funny, Mom."


  1. All I see is the Cherry Sour Balls in the background, and I miss them....Oh soooo much!

  2. I reserve the right to refrain from commenting until I can partake of such snack time deliciousness and therefore be able to give a thorough and well educated comment. until then, this comment doesn't count as a comment even though I have to press the 'post comment' button. it still doesn't count.

  3. I, like Sharon, noticed the sourballs in the cute bowl in the background. Yum.

    Oh, we do that mix too, except, we like the pretzel ones in ours too.

  4. Oh this is so great. :)

    And I loved the American Tail reference... do you know that that very line (as well as the obnoxious sound of the female mouse who says it) play on repeat inside my head... often? :)

  5. do you mix all the layers together on purpose?

  6. For the record I love the plane. :) I have never seen saltine Goldfish and we buy goldfish a lot. Maybe I am just that unobservant??? LOL!