Monday, November 08, 2010

...Give Me Something Good to Eat!!

Did you know we had Halloween over a week ago?
And that the Zabs totally dressed up? AND Trick or Treated?

AND-this is the most important-we had NO major accidents or freakishly weird things happen! Hooray!

We did have some cute kiddos though.
Ella was an alien. She named herself "Baby Alien" and if she said it to you, the only word you would understand was "Baby." Trust me. I speak "Ella" and even I didn't know what she was saying for a long time. She loved her costume and I did too. I made it 4 years ago for Lucy when she was Ella's age.

Nathan decided he wanted to be a ninja. I don't know where he got the idea but we got him a black "UnderArmour" shirt and black sweats with a tight black hood from my mom that she wears when she's riding the Harley with Tim. The plan was for him to wear his black Jedi Cloak and while I know it isn't very "ninja-y" he needed more than he had. But the cloak was nowhere to be found! I did find a black sheet I use for photo shoots...but no matter how I draped it, he looked more like a terrorist than a ninja. After a few more tries, we figured out a way to drape the sheet without disturbing our neighbors. A black scarf around his waist held his sword perfectly.

Lucy declared she wanted to be a butterfly early on in the year. But as we got closer to the big day, she specified a MONARCH butterfly. A friend of ours is a lover of all things bug and his passion has sprouted this serious interest in my kids so I really shouldn't be so surprised.

After wandering the aisles of Jo-Ann's Fabrics, I came up with the idea of using their monster material (think the tattered clothes of Frankenstein) and bright orange fabric to sew together as wings. Thankfully, my mother is a sewing champion and she easily rigged together the wings and attached them to Lucy's arms. (Thank you Mom!!) We paired her black shirt with black shorts and orange and black striped tights just for fun. Unfortunately many people thought she was a witch so while we were raiding our neighbors' homes for candy, we also talked about how to inform people she was a monarch butterfly while remaining respectful.

Here's the digital proof of our night of plunder.....

The Obligatory Shot on the Stairs

The Cutest Alien!
(That's glitter on her face....but it photographed more like dirt.)

The Terrifying Ninja

And the 2 Sides of the Monarch Butterfly
(also with glitter on her face--my children were clean on Halloween, I promise!)

We ended up threading the criss cross straps under her shirt for a cleaner look...

After Trick or Treating, we continued our tradition of coming home and watching "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" while eating 2 pieces of candy. This year we weren't out as long as usual so we had trick or treaters coming to our door and the kids LOVED handing the candy out--and I give goood candy. This year in our overflowing paper bags, we had Pixi Stix instead of Smarties which was fun but I missed having Smarties around.

Then there was general cuteness that needed to be captured....


  1. so glad to see pics of the costumes I've heard so much about! :)

    love Ella's hair - when did it grow long enough to do that??!?
    speaking of hair - Lucy looks even more grown up with her hair pulled back like that. stop doing that. ;)

  2. Lucy looks much too old for my liking.
    Boo. However , she is a lovely older looking Lucy just the same.

  3. perfection. I love the wings, you are so clever :)

  4. couple observations:
    1. Oh my how they have grown!
    2. Love Lucy's freckles and side part.
    3. Ella looks like her own self, but she and Nate have the same smile in the last picture.

    sigh. Love me some Zabs.