Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Just a Flesh Wound

I had a procedure done on the side of my head today that involved a scalpel and removing parts of my very own scalp. I am now 2 Vicodin to the wind but still need to meet my NaBloPoMo-ness. I have been searching the archives to repost something brilliant for you to re-read (or simply read for my new friends) but I can't decide which post is worthy of a rerun.

I started by reading various posts to David so he could help me pick something while he lounged in the bed and we listened to the new Chris Tomlin album. I eventually stopped reading them out loud started to get a little mad at myself for being so indecisive. (Just pick something already!)

Well, I just heard snoring.

He is fast asleep...on my side of the bed.
How in the world am I going to get the man who won't even wake up for the birth of our first child to move back to his side? (And I am not sleeping on his side-his side has a weird dip in it AND an alarm clock that starts going off at 5:15. I don't care HOW deaf I am, I will still hear it!)

What do you know? I guess I snuck a rerun post in there after all!


  1. Two thoughts...

    1. You were hysterical to talk to this afternoon.

    2. You don't want to sleep on his side because of an alarm that goes off early. Does this mean that if you're on your own side, you WON'T hear the alarm? If so, I'm amazed and so so so envious. A mouse could fart and I'd wake up. I can't imagine sleeping through Andy's alarm!

  2. Sorry 'bout your head. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. New reader to your blog, finding it imaginative and thoughtful, thanks. Cheers, karen

  4. My side of the bed has a dip in it as well...But that dip was created by my wife who slept there originally. She now has the side of the bed I originally had and guess what? No dip!

  5. Feel better, sweetie. I'm kind of jealous of Michelle who got to talk to looped up Thany. I'll bet you're very entertaining.

  6. Glad the procedure went well and that you are able to take some V to take the edge off. Hope it feels 100% better soon.