Sunday, November 14, 2010


Swiped from Mindi who borrowed it from here.

listening: The Winters "Yuletide Songbook"*
eating: Tostitos Chips and Neighbor Salsa** mixed with Cream Cheese
drinking: Diet Dr. Pepper
wearing: AWANA Sparks shirt and Mom Jeans***
feeling: Sleepy
weather: Absolutely beautiful!
wanting: To add a few more hours to the night for sleeping.
needing: More hours to work!
thinking: About packing.****
enjoying: Laughing with my Mister
wondering: How busy it will be tomorrow at....DISNEYLAND!

*= An amazing Christmas album featuring a great friend in addition to some SUPER great music. YOU can hear this amazing music for free at the CD Release party at VGCC December 18 at 7pm. Added bonus? I get to sing backup!! Seriously, you should come.

**= Neighbor Salsa is made by my amazing neighbor Kim who is known around church as "Salsa Neighbor" or "Salsa Kim" to her really close friends. Her hubby Jeff has been featured in the blog before.

***= I grabbed some jeans from Target the other day and when I was wearing them, realized they were a little, um, high waisted. Like the height of Mom Jeans. Now, mine don't feature the 9 inch zipper or casual pleats. But they do just make me wonder a bit if I should be wearing them. Kristy gave her I will just wear them until my children tell me they refuse to let me walk them into school until I throw out my Mom Jeans.

****= Disneyland tomorrow!

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  1. Have a fantastic time tomorrow! Hopefully someday in the not so distant future we can go there *gasp* together. :)