Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Siren Call of Peanut Butter and Chocolate Make a Person Do Crazy things.

Today I have consumed more Resees Peanut Butter Cups than any person should consume in a 24 hour period....or even a 48 hour period.

Which brings me to my question: How much do you tax your kids' Halloween Candy Hauls?

Do you do a one time tax and just demand a handful (or three) of candy the night of the haul while the kill is still fresh and the flavors of Starburst and Milky Way have not mixed and tainted one another?

Do you tax on demand like a hungry tyrant whose blood sugar has dropped and the white blood cell to nougat ratio has reached dangerous levels?

Do you sit down to rational negotiations and demonstrate the give and take of living in a democracy?


Are you of the Night Raid variety? Pillaging your child's bag of candy with abandon, knowing full well the rightful owner sleeps in a room far away from the carnage of Snicker Snacker Wrappers but still taking care to clean up each crumb of Butterfinger bar?

David and I live the blissful existence of children who forget just how MUCH candy they brought in by the day after Halloween so we happily live by the Pillage Method. Although I'd like to think it is more of a Robin Hood (with a nice muscle-y Russell Crowe) Method since we are robbing the Candy Rich to feed to the Candy Poor.


  1. Since G doesn't like anything with chocolate or peanut butter, he gives me most of his. No pillaging required. :)

  2. I would always ask them for two or three pieces on Halloween night, but that would be it. Two reasons: 1) I can't stand the mix of candy flavors that you referred to and 2) my children were never blissfully unaware of how much candy they had. They would practically count it; they would know if it was missing.

  3. As I cannot speak to experience I must hypothesize.

    It could go one of two ways - I would prefer to pillage but if the children are anything like my mister they will actually count the loot and know if a single piece is out of place, then we will have to do a one time tax given that we were the ones to make them adorable little costumes and take them door to door begging for candy.

  4. Well, personally I'd steal all the Smarties and Bottlecaps...maybe occasional mini Reese's. The rest is safe.

  5. "snicker snacker wrapper"...hee hee, that made me giggle. :)
    (good alliteration by the way)

  6. My name is Heather and I am a Night Pillager.

  7. I think your days may be numbered. I am shocked Nate doesn't keep track of 6 Snickers and 5 reeses...etc.

    Be warned.