Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hans, Han'se, Han S.....Solo

It was a good day.....just long.
And I am sleepy.

But I will say that I had a super cute hat to wear to church today.

And that fulfills today's obligatory blog.

I will return tomorrow--that's a promise.
I might even have something interesting to say.

Man, I feel bad that this really doesn't have a whole lot of interesting stuff in it.
I'm gonna leave you with another video....

Here is Star Wars told from the perspective of someone who isn't familiar with the Star Wars Trilogy.
It's all kinds of funny.


  1. Are you feeling okay, Thany? I love you. You are an inspiration for me. Feel better, sweetheart.

  2. ok that was funny

    and you rocked the hat!

  3. :) That is to funny!!! :) By the way I gave you a stylish blogger award! Head on over and pick it up!