Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I recently picked up a pair of super cute black flats from Target.....that put holes in the back of my ankles.
Like, actual holes.

Still, it's worth it to wear them, right? Because of the super cuteness?

Wearing them will teach them to not hurt me, right?

Or am I possibly in an abusive relationship with a pair of shoes?


  1. maybe you should get these instead (only if they are the right shade, that is) :)

  2. Cruel Shoes.

  3. This is why you will always find me in either my Uggs, flips or very rarely my cute sneakers. They're always nice to my feet.

  4. Holes? No thank you. I don't care how cute. I need those feet and ankles the whole rest of my life....I do stand a little too long in a few shoes on Sundays...but just a holes.

  5. ouch! unless you can find a way to make it so they do not create extra holes in your person.. i say ditch those shoes. you can find equally as cute shoes that do not harm you!